Ghana is Drowning Reply

Views and photos from Rachel Leah

leah_plastic1The black plastic bags, water sachets and ice cream packaging that line the roads of Accra, Ghana’s capital, make them seem like waste-filled runways.  More…

A Lesson from Rwanda on Compassion and Courage Reply

By Heather Craig

After spending 11 days in Rwanda, studying justice and reconciliation post genocide, I’ve returned with a copious amount of information.  Visiting memorials and listening to the accounts of survivors and perpetrators of the 1994 genocide proved to be an emotional and enlightening experience.  More…

South Africans mediated during Burundi’s conflict Reply

In the midst of Burundi’s civil war, two Zulu leaders who had once tried to kill one another shared their experience of making peace. Samantha Adler examines their work and other efforts in the third of five articles on innovative diplomacy.  

Map of Burundi, courtesy of the United Nations

Map of Burundi, courtesy of the United Nations


Fighting Sexual Violence in South Africa Reply

Members of Ekurhuleni Pride Organising Committee. Ntsupe Photo by Hayley Chesnik.

Ekurhuleni Pride Organising Committee members, including Ntsupe Mohapi, right;, and Matseko Mahlaba, foreground. Photo by Hayley Chesnik.

South Africa has extremely high rates of rape and other forms of gender-based violence. Hayley Chesnik reports on her travel to Johannesburg and Cape Town to learn about efforts to address the issue.