The Conversation: A Good Man 1

Jane McClenahan writes: It’s a cliche that Global Affairs can often seem extremely depressing.  As with most cliches there’s truth in it.  Those of us studying it struggle at times to find the positive.

That’s partly why Barbara Borst established this blog – to find the opportunities and ways people and organizations are attempting to bring positive, lasting change.

The anniversary of the Rwandan genocide this month provides an opportunity to stop and reflect on the terrible events of twenty years ago. Rwandans can tell their stories, the international community can reflect on its own behavior.  Mostly that involves recalling how poor its response was; insofar as evacuating western citizens and leaving Rwandans to be massacred is a response.  My colleague Leslie Dewees wrote for this on Tutawaza recently.

For many it can be a hard  read or listen to these stories again.  However I really urge you towards Mark Doyle’s piece “A Good Man in Rwanda.”  He’s the BBC’s International Development correspondent. He tells the story of  Capt Mbaye Diagne, a United Nations peacekeeper in Rwanda.

It’s an extraordinary story, and a very personal one for Doyle, a veteran BBC correspondent who has covered numerous wars.  He describes Capt. Diagne as the bravest man he ever met.


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