Is Composting Waste Just a Waste of Time? Reply

New Yorkers drop off food waste at Union Square Park for composting. Photo by Prianka Srinivasan

New Yorkers drop off food waste at Grand Army Plaza for composting. Photo by Prianka Srinivasan

A man makes his way through Manhattan’s busy streets near Union Square Park swinging a plastic bag filled with egg shells, wilted greens and coffee grounds by his side.

As the day progresses, many follow suit, carrying food scraps in metal tins, old ice-cream containers and soggy paper bags. In turn, they each deposit their collections into large, plastic drums on the northwest corner of the park.  More…

The Conversation: Bolivia’s Big Opportunity Reply

An indigenous Bolivian plays a traditional flute at the Valle de la Luna near La Paz, Bolivia. Photo by Brian Seavitt

 By renationalizing its oil and gas, Bolivia has lifted its economy, but the country needs to invest in its people and diversify its economy in order to achieve sustainable growth. Brian Seavitt suggests how. More…

Bolivian Journey 1

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In January 2014, New York University Global Affairs Graduate Students visited Bolivia.  Among them was Lauren Corr who researched the country’s efforts to blend traditional and modern health practices. She’ll report back on her findings for Tutawaza later in the year. In the meantime, we are delighted to share some of her photographs from the trip. ( All photographs by of Lauren Corr.)