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Ghanaians gain ground on accountability for oil wealth

By Barbara Borst

Sudden oil wealth sounds like a winning lottery ticket, but for many countries, it’s a disaster. Too often, a gusher breeds corruption, economic dislocation and conflict.

In Ghana, citizen groups began pushing for accountability soon after oil was discovered off the country’s southwest coast in 2007, and they redoubled their efforts when the oil, and the cash, started to flow in December 2010.

Jail One Sex Trafficker, Save Thousands of Girls, Activists Say

By Barbara Borst

Kolkata, India – More than 380 families lived for generations under a bridge southeast of downtown. They did not own the land where they built shelters; they scratched out a living as leather workers, rickshaw drivers, beggars and rag pickers.

Indian Women Seek Exit from Prostitution

By Barbara Borst

Kolkata, India – Salma Begum and Salena Begum are clear about one thing: they want prostitution abolished in India.

Keeping the Movement on Track in India

By Barbara Borst

Delhi, India – India has been in an uproar for weeks over sexual violence against women.

The brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old student on a bus in Delhi on Dec. 16, and her death from those injuries several days later, sparked a series of demonstrations here in the capital demanding action from police and politicians. The crime has turned a spotlight on discrimination against women in all its forms.

Is this the best way to finance elections?

By Barbara Borst

Money has swaggered through U.S. elections for decades – buying television ads, robo-calls and bumper stickers. But this year, it has been up to new tricks.

Corruption vs. Free Speech: What does money do in

US elections?

By Barbara Borst

Measuring the exact impact of money on voters has proved hard to do. More often the focus is on how money alters the behavior of politicians or affects the political system as a whole. Scholars, activists and politicians disagree about what money really does in elections.

Ghana strives to beat the resource curse and turn oil

into a blessing

NEW YORK – Nigeria lies less than 200 miles from Ghana along the western bulge of Africa – close enough to show Ghanaians how dangerous oil wealth can be for a developing country.

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