Can a gun storage law protect children from firearm accidents? Reply

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NEW YORK— A classmate playing with his father’s gun accidentally shot 12-year-old Nicholas Naumkin dead in Saratoga Springs, New York, in December 2010.

Now, as Esmé Montgomery reports, the gun-control advocacy group New Yorkers Against Gun Violence is promoting a bill, named “Nicholas’s Law” in his honor, that would require gun owners to store guns safely. The group believes that increased regulations are desperately needed to reduce accidental injuries to children by firearms.




Invisible in New York Reply

Recently we posted on the record 22,000 homeless children in New York.  This week, the New York Times is publishing a series, Invisible Child, written by investigative reporter Andrea Elliott. It follows the lives of  11 year old Dasani and her family who live in a Brooklyn shelter.  It’s a hard read, and has provoked a range of reactions in New York.  We simply ask you to read it.