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Jail One Sex Trafficker, Save Thousands of Girls, Activists Say

By Barbara Borst

Kolkata, India – More than 380 families lived for generations under a bridge southeast of downtown. They did not own the land where they built shelters; they scratched out a living as leather workers, rickshaw drivers, beggars and rag pickers.

Indian Women Seek Exit from Prostitution

By Barbara Borst

Kolkata, India – Salma Begum and Salena Begum are clear about one thing: they want prostitution abolished in India.

Keeping the Movement on Track in India

By Barbara Borst

Delhi, India – India has been in an uproar for weeks over sexual violence against women.

The brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old student on a bus in Delhi on Dec. 16, and her death from those injuries several days later, sparked a series of demonstrations here in the capital demanding action from police and politicians. The crime has turned a spotlight on discrimination against women in all its forms.

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